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Released Date 26/05/2017
Last Updated 07/09/2020
Latest Version 2.0.6
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Multivendor E-commerce , Multi Language and Multi City Script

(3 customer reviews)

In this growing world of internet, Ecommerce platform is the great way to earn more money. Multivendor Ecommerce Script provides a readymade platform for your marketplace website. Peoples prefer online shopping in order to make their shopping easy and efficient way. Purchasing our needs from shops takes lot of time and waste of energy. So it’s great to buy things in online, it save lots of time, phpscriptsmall providesreadymade Open Source Multilanguage Ecommerce Script for online shopping.

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From our ecommerce software, products from various independent vendors can be list out with an ease. The visitor can get multi branded products and they can buy it easily.An ultimate aim of our script is customer can buy many products in one place. After purchasing,your products will reach your doorstep in a few hours with tracking features integrated. The transaction happens between the admin and the user who purchase the products.

We have built script highly secured and safe manner,online shopping is made easy and simple with the help of Readymade Multi City Ecommerce Script. Our script has simplified your shopping within a minute and save a lot of time.In our Multivendor Ecommerce Script user can track the products and know the real time details at finger tips.Our script plays an important role in the ecommerce website for business people to earn money from the business.

Open Source Multilanguage Ecommerce Script is extremely easy to use for every customer, merchant and the admin. Each products page has the wide range of details about the product with the product image, description of the product and the price. So the customer can choose the products easily to buy.The main features of our Readymade Multi City Ecommerce Script are affiliate module, currency converter module, 5 different payment gateway, social login, Multi-language, Invoice module, advanced search option, multi-city features, admin and vendor management, wishlist, product tag management, newsletter, compare products and so on.

Our ecommerce script is developed by the secure WordPress and MySQLdatabase. Php ecommerce software is optimized with the advance SEO techniques for the search engine friendly, so you can get more visitors for the website from the search engine like Google, Yahoo. So automatically the visitor will be increased and products will be easily sold cumulative.Phpscriptsmall is the leading and professional software firms offering wide range of ecommerce solution to the clients with the low budget and high satisfaction.

Advance Tech Features:

i. WooCommerce Free Gift
• Option to specify a single product as the gift or to allow customers select a gift from a specified category according to the order price.
• The functionality can be enabled for all customers or only for registered customers.
• Giving a gift to the same customer more than once may be disabled if desired.
• Option to hide the gift products from customers in the shop.
• Support for variable products: the gift can be a concrete product variation as well.
• Possibility to set two levels of gifts according to the order price (cart subtotal). This means that customer may be rewarded a better gift if he/she spends even more money.
• The extension is ready to be translated according to the standard e-commerce localization process.

Advance Affiliates system

Ranks with Achievements
• Classify your affiliates into separate ranks and assign a different commission level. Each Affiliate can be promoted to the next Rank once reached the Achievements
Unlimited Affiliates
• There is no limit for your number of Affiliates that can promote your products and services
Custom Amount
• Set a Percentage or Flat Amount for each Rank, Offer or custom commission,
Special Offers
• Affiliates can earn different commissions based on which product/s are purchased. The Offer can be limited by a Date Range.
Multi-level Marketing
• Turn On your Affiliate platform into a MLM system that will boost your own affiliates to recruit new leads. Based on your needs there can be set a Unilevel Plan, Force Matrix or Binary Matrix system.

Lifetime Commissions
• Allow your affiliates to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer. Now worries anymore about Cookies or different browsers
Performance Bonuses
• Set bonus commissions when one of your Affiliate touch a specific Rank or when he signup for the first time. Each Rank may have a different Bonus.
Banners Management
• Provides different Banners that will help your Affiliates to promote your products and services on any website with an embedded code.
PayPal Payout
• Pay your Affiliates their earnings via PayPal directly from Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard with just few clicks. Choose to pay specific Referrals or the entire Deposit.

Recurring Referrals
• Award Commissions for recurring subscriptions into Membership systems with a custom amount and a different one from one Rank to another.
Allow Own Referrals
• Allow for your Affiliate to earn commissions from their own referrals
Signup Referrals
• Available for Membership system awarding a flat commission when referred user sign Up
Social Share
• Integrated with Social Share& Locker provides Share button options for your Affiliate to share their Affiliate Links on Social Network.

Landing Commission
• Special module to cover any desired workflow by reward the affiliates based on a Landing Page, such a successful register or complete payment stage.
• Affiliates will have the options to spend their Earnings directly into the Website during further purchases based on Generated Coupons with specific flat discount.
Affiliate Coupons
• Correlate an Affiliate with a WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download or Ultimate Membership Pro coupon code to be rewarded when a customer use that Coupon into your systems.
Affiliate Custom Slug
• Provides Personal slugs besides the default username or ID so Affiliates can hide their identity or company name behind a Custom slug.
Friendly Affiliate Links
• Affiliates will be able to use friendly links instead of the default one with a better looking structure when the link is shared and much easier to read

Fair Checkout Reward
• Customers decides who affiliate will be rewarded during the Checkout process.
BuddyPress Account Page
• Integrate the Affiliate Account Page section directly into BudyPress Account page as a regular tab.
Account Page
• Integrate the Affiliate Account Page section directly into commerce Account page as a regular tab.
Custom Currency
• If your Currency is not available into the system, you can add your own currency for further use.
Top Affiliates
• Provides public list with your top affiliates ordered by Earning, Referrals or Visits with 10 predefined templates

Custom Fields Form
• Multiple Custom Fields types that will provide a fully customized Register Form.
Account Page
• Over 15 Menu tab with different options and fully customizable based on 2 predefined Templates and specific sections.
• Detailed Affiliate reports or payments stats for Admin and each Affiliate into Account Page.
• Email Notifications for different actions or stages to Affiliates and system Admin

ii. Email Auto Responder

• Add customers automatically when order created
• Product level autoresponder configuration
• Add customers to product wise individual autoresponder list
• You can add customers to a list based on product that have purchased
• Displays a list Opt-In on Checkout
• Captures Email, First and Last Name
• Can set Enable/Disable Opt-In Field default value
• Add customers automatically when order created
• Add customers automatically when order completed
• Add customers to multiple autoresponder

iii. Woocommerce Social Reward / Coupon
• Gives discount to customer who want to share your website
• Hook directly on the default e-commerce coupon system. You just need to create your coupons and use them directly on the plugin
• Unlike other plugin coupon’s code aren’t displayed on the cart
• Choose if you want to block these coupon when they are used manually, so customer can’t use the coupon without a social action
• Choose if you want a unique coupon use by user and reset the marker when you want.
• Control where the box will appear on the product page / cart and checkout with website template hook
• Multi Coupon mode: allow users to cumulate coupons for each social action made
• Product Coupon mode: choose if you want to have a unique coupon for each product share
• SDK Scripts are load asynchronously and with the check for HTTPS Support
• Change all displayed text on the admin panel

iv. Live Chat

v. Help Desk System
• Product/Order selection & info
• Guides customers through support
• Unlimited Users
• Unlimited Agents
• Unlimited Tickets
• Unlimited Departments
• Front End Tickets
• Front End Interface for Users
• Front End Interface for Support Admins and Agents
• Private Tickets
• Email Notifications
• Ticket and Reply Attachments
• Support Admins, Support Agents with separate permissions
• Easy ticket management
• Responsive
• Extensible
• Hooks and Filters
• Built to scale with large stores

Advance Customer History
• Powerful dashboard for display quick reports.
• Display full order report of all customer / users contain order count, pending order, refund order, total and average amount of the purchase made by each user in your shop.
• Display how your customers browse your store and which pages they visit before purchase a product.
• Track the total customer lifetime value for each customer.
• View insights about your customer’s browsing habits on your website, to see which screens work best for targeted conversions
• Save and track users (logged in and not): visited pages, completed orders, search terms, shop category and shop brand view.
• Dedicated statistics for page visit count.
• Dedicated statistics for count of search key has been typed on the site.
• Dedicated statistics for shop category page visit count.
• Dedicated statistics for shop brand page visit count (using Proword Woo Brand plugin).
• Dedicated statistics to customer’s purchase total amount.
• Single user history report contain:

  • Customer order report.
  • Customer session history report.
  • Customer category view.
  • Customer search term history.
  • • Track the visits generated by the BOTs.
    • Export/import sessions, statistics, and searches.


    For use on any personal, commercial, or client projects.

    Hosting Requirements

    MySQL 5.0 or higher, Apache module, PHP 5.3 or higher, Linux Server with Cpanel


    Wordpress 4.4


    Membership plan, Payment gateway integration, Different type of search

    Server Requirements


    PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax ,HTML

    Domain Usage

    Unlimited domain with source code

    Payment Type

    One time Payment :- Once you send the full payment we will give you the entire script files to you, there after you don’t want to pay any thing.

    Delivery Time

    We will Send the Download Link to you Within 24 hrs On Working Days(Monday- Friday) And the scripts will deliver within 48 hours On Weekend(Saturday -Sunday)

    3 reviews for Multivendor E-commerce , Multi Language and Multi City Script

    1. Justin Levy

      I just want to say thanks for a great script and tell anyone considering this script, just go for it, the customer service has been outstanding to date, I am still trying to get things set up as I am new in this area, but the developer has been very patient and understandingly helpful with all my questions. Cherry!!!!

    2. Michel

      Very well done for doing this great job! It having lots of useful functions, affordable price and Great customer support. It’s a pleasure to work with it.

    3. Jerome Bright

      Very intuitive script and script functionality!! Great Job!!!! Keep it up!!!

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