Partnership Program at PHP SCRIPTS MALL

Why Partner With us ?

As a professional Script Market Place we are getting 20,000 hits, 250 inquiries per day. We having 12 years of experience in this specific industry and hold 240,000 plus clients with us. We have almost 300 plus products increased day by day and 50 plus partners. Get Started Contact here !


Unique Features:

  • No exclusive agreement
  • Set your own price 
  • No reviews on uploads

Advantages of this Partnership Program: 

  • You can concentrate and spend your valuable time only Productions not in Marketing and Promotions.
  • We take care of the user acquisition and Marketing part.
  • Your investment is going to be only on development and support from your side.
  • You are lucky to have this platform that has good reputation and returning customers.
  •  If you are a new comer  then we representing you with the 12 years of experience. Contact


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the PHP Scripts Mall Marketplace ?

This is the place for selling scripts especially for the freelancers, developers, web consultants and script vendors.

Q. How to become a Partner ?

You need to give request for partnership on our website there after our team will interact you help you regarding Partnership Procedures. Make a request here !

Q. How long does it take for my listing to be approved ?

This is purely depends upon the script’s complexity and size. If you have simple and medium level script means it will took maximum One Week to get approval from our side.

Q. How can I make the pay for membership ?

You can get Membership payment details and procedures from  our support team.

Q. Do I need to pay each and every month ?

Based on your needs you can choose the plan custom. If you would like get a yearly subscription means for that you have to interact with our team they will guide you. If you are choosing one month subscription means you have to pay each and every month.

Q. How many sales will PHP Scripts Mall done for me ?

The sales is purely depends on your quality of scripts and the needs or popularity of the scripts.In any case we cant give you assurance for the targeted no of sales.

Q. How do I get paid for my sales ?

You will get paid after reaching your Minimum level 20 USD for Paypal user , 50 USD for Skrill and 100 USD for Bank wire transfer. The payout will happen every two weeks after attain the payout level.


Guidelines or Needs to Sell a Script


Guidelines or Needs to Sell a Script:

  • One or More Fully qualified web based script(s) Needed
  • Bug free source code .
  • Installation support Document .
  • Support Website and mail Support you need to have.
  • You have to give quality support to the buyers (Based on the Support and reviews, we recommend you for the sellers)
  • Useful product description to describe your product (Avoid Duplicated and irrelevant description to get targeted buyers)
  • You have to maintain perfect coding standards on your scripts
  • You must provide your Terms and Condition, Privacy policy and Refund policy pages.
  • You have to clearly mention the license details and Copyright details to buyers.
  • You need to upload on script images for show case galleries before upload you need optimize images what you’re going to upload  (this all reflect on your product optimization)
  • If you would like to mention any kind of offers and other you just need to intimate us .
  • We ignore Scripts dealing with pornography, casino, hate, racial sentiments, unlawful practices, illegal products
  • We ignore under construction sites or sites consisting of broken links on homepage.
  • We ignore Scripts with poor design and  insecure code.
    Contact us to sell your scripts.