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Released Date 07/03/2017
Last Updated 21/09/2020
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Basic SMTP Server

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1,00,000 Mails Per Day

For the past 15 years various researchers has proved that e-mail marketing method is the best comparing to the print and TV media industry. If you are supposed to send emails more recurrently through your server sometimes your hosting provider will not permit. For this sake we offer this SMTP server script for your mass mail services. If you purchase this Dedicated Email SMTP Server from us the sky high advantage is that you can have high delivery rate because we follow the spam rules and regulations for our server. Included for every 1,00,000 mails our IP address will be automatically protected, so you can have an increased Inbox delivery rate. Our quality Web Mail Portal Script has dedicative unique IP address and we always confirm the DKIM signature and SPF entries. This will increase your deliverable email messages and reduces the spam.



1,00,000 Mails Per Day

Technical feature

SMTP Access Allowed
Easy User Interface
100% web based interface
99.9% mail server uptime
No nameserver changes
Email Scheduling Support
100% Anti-virus Support
One SMTP/POP account.
One Month validity
Your Application/Software, Our SMTP.
Port 25 ISP not required.

Why you need to buy

Easily create, send and track your emails.
The right solution for companies and associations.
Deliver emails to multiple recipients.
Send your messages in both Text and HTML format.
No installation, no maintenance.
Always On, from any PC.
Login : create, test, send, monitor.
Exceptional value! Lowest cost in the industry!
Dedicated clean IP address.
Deliver emails to multiple recipients.
Send your messages in both Text and HTML format.
Send your messages in both Text and HTML format.
No long term contracts.
Exceptional value! Lowest cost in the industry!

Server Details

Dual/Quad Core Server
2 Dedicated IPs
Mailing Software Included

Terms You need to Accept Before Make Purchase

1. No limit on per hour or per day limit of email , totally depending upon Internet Speed and software being used

2. This service only for 1 Month there after you need to renew this amount to get uninterrupted service

3. Service will only be provided on domain name also name server should be properly set in domain panel or Domain A record.

4. No support will be given on any third party software or your own software.

5. There is no inbox delivery guarantee , gmail/rediff/yahoo etc

6. Customer can use any of the mailing software along with our server, we offering and recommend our software for free of cost.

7. No refund policy or refunds are there after server is ordered

8. If your IP get blacklisted due to your unwanted activity means we are not responsible for that you have to buy additional IP from us .

9. IF you using this Mail sending Server for any prohibited activities such as Drugs, Casino , Lottery etc.. this kind of promotion means we having rights to terminate your server at any time.

Dos and Donts for Bulk Email Strategies

1) Verify SPF, DKIM and PTR for your server set properly or not
2) Always host domain from which you want to send emails to get proper authenticated email server
3) Never send too many emails from day one , it takes IP to warm up and make other server understand about your authenticity so it is always suggested to send small number of emails at a time
4) Verify your Content for Spam keywords
5) Always change your content after small intervals to avoid being called as promotional mails service
6) Always respect policies of other email service like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail where they do not expect more than X Amount of emails in an hour from any server to there server
7) Always filter your data, more junk data means more faster getting blacklisted. Never use data bought from market,

Send Less Email but Authentic for better output


For use on any personal, commercial, or client projects.

Hosting Requirements

MySQL 5.0 or higher, Apache module, PHP 5.3 or higher, Linux Server with Cpanel


Core PHP


Membership plan, Payment gateway integration, Different type of search

Server Requirements


PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax ,HTML

Domain Usage

Unlimited domain with source code

Payment Type

One time Payment :- Once you send the full payment we will give you the entire script files to you, there after you don’t want to pay any thing.

Delivery Time

We will Send the Download Link to you Within 24 hrs On Working Days(Monday- Friday) And the scripts will deliver within 48 hours On Weekend(Saturday -Sunday)

3 reviews for Basic SMTP Server

  1. Brooks

    All these I wasted my time in searching for a script like this. But now am happy about for am lucky enough to get a script like this. Buddies it will be quite interesting and beneficial if you also purchase this script. The company has a good supportive team and they will help you to overcome all the difficulties you face. Great job guys

  2. Castro

    This script is used to send many emails without any difficulties.

  3. Jerald

    We are planning a couple more servers to buying in future, and we will be trust you through for us again and again!!!

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