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Peer to Peer MLM

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In the trend, MLM business is the right way to earn money from the various process in an efficient way. Since this makes most profitable business over any other and plays successive growth in MLM business. Apart from other MLM, for the best startup, you can use Peer to Peer MLM Software and earn high revenue from the script. Basically, MLM customers will feel much flexible to handle and fund transactions are user-friendly. So this P2P Lending software has the high scope and revenue generator software for the customers, start your MLM website the most efficient method for earning in the MLM business.

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How It Works

P2P MLM is also called as Gift plan or Donation plan or Money order plan.
The concept behind the Peer to Peer Donation MLM Script is quite familiar and interesting, helping others by sending donations in which MLM Leader helps others by giving a donation or through gift plans. In a periodical way, one can earn donation or gift only when you have donated money or gift to others vice versa. This is one of the lightest ways where people from nock and corner of the world get connected to the network, benefitted over P2p which makes many people would participating in gift plans and earning well. We have integrated many features and functionalities required to manage the P2P Referral Script. By using our Peer to peer script the participants can give and receive gifts or donations from each other.

In Peer to Peer Donation, Script user need to register with membership plan to participate in MLM and thereby increase rank level by the performance. The user dashboard has Basic detail, Personal details, and Nominee details. The user can view current plan details, sliders, a product with a list, recent reviews, list of complaints etc. P2P MLM features include Gift Plan, Sponsor Management, Peer to Peer Earning, User Management, Referral Bonus, Profile Management, Payment Management, Penalty System etc.

A clear admin dashboard has a huge role to manage the members as well as the entire website. It is easy to handle website without any prior knowledge in technical stuff. Managing payout details from the admin dashboard is pretty easier. At last, our P2p Lending Script made earning money with fellow members and helps in MLM business, the users can give and receive donations from each other in a successful way.

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3 reviews for Peer to Peer MLM

  1. David

    Great product. PHP Scripts Mall support team has a fantastic support system.

  2. Tylor

    Amazing. This script fulfilled all that website needs satisfied my client. I’m also happy and my client also happy

  3. Dillon

    Just few hours ago, I downloaded and installed script in my website without coding knowledge. Responsive design Easy to install.

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