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Released Date 18/01/2017
Last Updated 22/09/2020
Latest Version 1.0.3
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Twinkas Clone Script

(3 customer reviews)

The most essential script in the multilevel marketing business sector is our Twinkas clone script, this script plays a vital role among the MLM business users to gain profit by helping each other and get the benefit for the donation easily with the secure payment method. Nowadays the Multilevel Marketing business is expanding day by day because it’s earning high-profit compared to other business, so we have developed this Twinkas Script. We have developed this script with world-class professional MLM business site with advanced features and functionality, and then our script is very simple and easy to understand.

User Demo Admin Demo Download Document

Our MMM Clone Script will be like community help each other, where the new user can register with the referral sponsor mail id, user details, valid mail id, and password and by selecting the membership plan. After the user made successful log-in the users can find the banners sliders, the product with a list, news &reviews, etc. The user can get income by using two methods one is direct income method and In-direct income method, the direct method comes with the profit by using referral first level user. The user can see their payout calculations with reward status and bonus detail.

This Matrix Ponzi Script is the process where the user can join they first need to donate some amount to a fellow member assigned by the system and the member will confirm the donation and then the system will automatically assign 2 other registered people in your down. After that, they will pay the joining amount each into your account. All donations are made directly to the member account. After a complete circle, participants have a separate configuration period to donate. It is the peer to peer donation based scheme process, where the downline member’s details are structured in a binary tree view. The user can withdraw the amount from his account by submitting the request to the admin.

In our MMM Script the admin can manage and view the statistic of the users, products, stocks, events and feedback etc. The admin can also manage the membership plan details, level management, and user management. The user payment withdrawal request is approved or declined by the admin, the admin can manage the ads management by adding or removing the ads list in the site. Genealogy tree structure is mainly used for representing the down-line member under you and it’s user-friendly. Admin can view the entire genealogy details. Where you can get the clear picture of the downline and clear view of an overall system of the business. Our script is designed as per the user requirement as user-friendly customization with easy access to the users.

The script will be live within 48 hours from the purchase of our server and also, we provide you brand-free site, 1-year technical support and 6 month free updates on the source code upon the purchase of our script.


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3 reviews for Twinkas Clone Script

  1. Aidan

    Good performance Recently i launched my site with the help of this script. Thanks for providing an clone with reasonable price compare to others.

  2. Aiden

    Both design and performance level are good. Thanks you guys.

  3. Jonathan

    Simply an amazing customer service!!!! I’ve download and used some PHP Scripts Mall products, all the products are working perfectly.

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